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Our Story!

At the heart of Chablend, there’s a tale not just of a brand but of two souls united by a shared passion. Tesh, hailing from the vibrant lands of India, grew up immersed in the tea culture, an experience so deeply ingrained that the aroma of tea leaves feels like a journey home.

Meanwhile, thousands of miles away in Australia, Madi, with her cherished memories of sipping tea since her teenage years, cultivated a deep affection for this magical brew. Together, they embarked on a mission: to blend the comfort of tradition with the allure of discovery.

Chablend is the beautiful confluence of Tesh's heritage and Madi’s love, an ode to memories and a promise of new ones to be made.


Our Tea Blends

Every blend we craft is a testament to our dedication and a chapter of our journey. Over the span of a year, our passion drove us to sample over 172 teas from diverse suppliers in Asia, Europe, and Canada. With each taste, with each aroma, we edged closer to our vision.

The result? Exquisite tea blends handcrafted with meticulous care and unparalleled passion. At Chablend, we believe in the purity of experience.

Hence, every blend is fashioned using only 100% organic or premium ingredients. They aren’t just teas; they are stories, emotions, and memories, meticulously crafted to elevate every tea moment.

Sustainability & Ethical Sourcing

Nature’s embrace has been our guiding force, an ever-present reminder of the beauty we are blessed with. But with this blessing comes a responsibility. A vow we've made to tread lightly and with care.

At Chablend, sustainability is more than just a term, it's a commitment. It is our solemn promise to protect, cherish, and give back to Mother Earth. This ethos extends to our sourcing methods. Every leaf, every petal in our blends comes from ethical, eco-conscious sources.

From championing sustainable packaging to forming partnerships rooted in mutual respect and fairness, our every step is a tribute to the world that nurtures us.